Billiard Rooms Chateau

Congratulations to 2Covet dealer Billiard Rooms for the very exciting news that they will be participating in the new series of Chateau DIY on Channel 4!

Words from Paul himself:

The stunning Chateau Larribau is our own personal project and something we always wanted to do. If you know us well you know both myself and Julia have a love for antiques, interiors and architecture.

Restoring a chateau is a huge project but one we feel ready to take on. We also have family in France and absolutely love the culture, food and climate.

In terms of the restoration there is a parallel between the work we do Billard Room Antiques and the chateau.

Our primary objective with our billard tables and accessories is always ensuring the character of the pieces are retained.

Over restoration is easy to do… and sometimes over restoration is the actually the easy way out, but the challenge lies in bringing these pieces back to life as if nothing had ever happened.

Chateau Larribau was built circa 1790 by Roger Ducos. Ducos played a role in French politics and accepted the coup d’état of Napoleon Bonaparte. The chateau was built for his daughter Rosaline. The interiors of the chateau today are largely untouched and this is one of the main reasons we bought the property as it retains its authenticity. Our vision is to restore the building without losing any of its originality.

We aren’t on any timeframe, this is a project we are doing for enjoyment.

We were lucky enough to be filmed by Channel 4 for Chateau DIY. It’s been great fun sharing the chateau with the team and we’re really looking forward to seeing what they’ve put together. If you’d like to watch the first show it will be airing on 26rd September 16:00 on Channel 4.

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