2Covet hosts a vast range of exquisite pieces, all unique from one another, meet the teams favourites of 2021…

Zara – Director

Zara Director
Nude sitting on a bed by Bernard Dunstan RA

‘A wonderfully sombre painting, since discovering it I have found more works by Bernard Dunstan on 2Covet that I have fallen in love with’

Sophie – Fair Director

Sophie Fair Director
Collection of diaphonized specimens in apothecary bottles

 ‘With an unknown curiosity for apothecary and a passion for glass, these stunning bottles are a true show stopper for me. The intensity and movement of the colour within the glass combined with its history and story make it a true favourite of mine.’

Scott – Lead developer

Scott Lead Developer
Antique Silver Coromandel Vanity Dressing Box

‘This coromandel vanity box is over 150 years old and retains all of its original features. From the outside it looks simple and elegant but upon further inspection you can find an entire vanity set hidden inside’

Frances – Content Creator & Graphic Designer

Frances Content Creator & Graphic Designer
Japanese Cloisonné Tomei Enamel Koro

‘This enamel koro is my favourite piece on 2Covet as the craftsmanship is incredible and the enamel ground is so vivid in colour. It’s just a really lovely example of Meiji period Japanese art.’

Tom –  Junior Full Stack Developer

Tom Junior Full Stack Developer
Reflections a Print by Michael John Hunt

‘I almost mistake this painting for a picture every time, I am amazed by the detail. It gives me a wonderful nostalgic feeling of being on holiday.’

Jenna – Social Media Executive

Jenna Social Media Executive
18th century Venetian rococo lacquer cabinet

‘There is an unparalleled quality that comes with antique furniture and this is no exception. From the outstanding colour to the detailed chinoiserie scenes, there is a multitude of special intricacies to explore.’

Molly – Marketing Executive

Molly McNeaney Marketing Executive
Art Nouveau silver and enamel necklace by Henri-Victor Miault

‘This strikingly beautiful Necklace is my favourite piece on 2Covet. To me Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewellery is timeless and although this was made around 100 years ago, I could see myself wearing it today.’