Stately homes have been all the rage in recent months thanks to the recent Netflix show ‘Bridgerton’. Here at 2Covet we have a range of furniture items ranging from the 15th Century to contemporary 20th century pieces, perfect for stately homes across the UK.

Set in the Regency period in the early 1800s, let’s look at some of the grand furniture that would fit so perfectly within these houses.

Let’s take a look into Wilton House, just west of Salisbury, the home of the Earl of Pembroke past and present for over 400 years.

It has been used to film not only Bridgerton, but also The Young Victoria and The Crown. The estate can be seen as a part of the Queen Charlottes house, in particular her bedroom, and the famous Presentation Chamber. On House Beautiful, they say ‘it’s to be expected that the home has been renovated numerous times, hence the reason why there are a plethora of different styles throughout the house making it all the more resourceful and adaptable when it came to acting as numerous residences in Bridgerton’.

The largest state room in the estate is the Double Cube room, quickly identifiable as the Queen’s Presentation Room in the first Bridgerton episode, and the room where HRH Queen Elizabeth meets First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the Crown. Its magnificent windows, bright curtains and exquisite ceiling murals make it the perfect place for the regency Ladies.

A pair of pieces that could be elegantly placed within the scene would be the Pair of George III, Hepplewhite Style Mahogany Window Seats, from Nigel Rhodes Fine Art. The simple white with gold feet may compliment the rooms normal red and gold furniture, and allow for a comfortable seat to look onto the estate’s grounds.

The simple Box House Antiques’ Pair of Regency Period Bronzed Giltwood torchères would look excellent alongside the grand furniture currently within the room, and the window seats.  The muted bronze and black colours would complement the extravagant red, white and gold colouring of the walls, flooring and furnishings.

Looking into the Single Cube room of Wilton, also being part of the State Rooms, this is also furnished with many pieces of red furniture. One of the walls is lined with red dining chairs, which could easily be switched with 2Covet’s Set of 10 Regency Period Mahogany Dining Room Chairs by W R Harvey antiques.

The Badminton Estate in South Gloucestershire was another stunning film location, recognisable as the Duke of Hastings’ residence in Bridgerton. 

A medieval home originally owned by the fourth Earl of Worcester in 1612 who then passed the estate down to his son, Sir Thomas Somerset, who redesigned the home in 1620.  The original library was changed into the family living room in the early 19th century, when Jeffry Wyatville moved the bookcases from the Grand Drawing Room.

Parts of this stunning estate may be recognised as the Lady Danbury’s home in Bridgerton. A piece in the now living room which would fit the 19th Century look is the Fileman Antiques Fine Quality Pair of Regency Period Candelabra. The stunning diamond cut glass and ormolu mounted candelabra would suit the exquisite fireplace and paintings within the room. Accompanying these, in place of the existing chandeliers in the room, Patrick Moorhead’s Large Pair Of Classical Ormolu C19th Chandeliers would make a fine exchange, the gold colour of the ormolu complimenting the many gold frames above the bookshelves, and suiting the brown furniture currently in the room.

Take a peek into Syon House, another part of the Duke of Hastings’ estate, is actually the home of the Duke of Northumberland, Ralph Percy. One of the most exquisite rooms in this estate is the Red Drawing Room, serving its purpose as an ante chamber to the Long Gallery. It holds some of the most important portrait collections of the Stuart royalty and the Percy family.

A piece on 2Covet that would fit perfectly in this room to fit the Regency style from Bridgerton is the Pair of Regency mahogany Library Chairs by Gillows of Lancaster. These stunning bright red leather chairs would complement the consistent red theme of the room, and fit perfectly with the name and style. The colour may also suit the fiery red passion we see between the Duke and future Duchess of Hastings as the first series progresses.

Looking into the state dining room of Syon House, where the Large Giltwood and Vernis Martin Mirror by Louis Majorelle from the Dutch Royal from Wick Antiques would look impeccable, matching the muted black and gold theme of the room. Though, from the mid-19th century, we know that the Royal Provenance would fit perfectly within the theming of Bridgerton with the stunning craftsmanship and intricate detailing in the frame.

Lancaster House, situated close to Buckingham Palace, is another stately home which has perfected the idea of a colour co-ordinated room, this time in green. The Green Room is an ideal place for a dining room of up to 20.

On 2Covet, there is a Set of 4 Regency Pollard Oak Dining Chairs from FGB Antiques with a green seat cushion, perfect for the colour theme and suiting the original furnishings from 1820.

However, this room may also be used as a conference room in need of a desk for its residents. Here is where the Regency Yew wood, Rosewood and Laburnum Work Table, or A Regency well-figured mahogany writing table may come in handy. Again, fitting the green influence and the original Regency style room, the Regency brass-bound mahogany writing slope by Hicks of London would be ideal for a conference room.