The modern garden has become an essential part of a home in the 21st century and exterior design is becoming increasingly popular.  Whether that be extravagant planters to host your beautiful bushes and plants, quirky animal decorative sculptures to set your garden far from the rest or attractive benches giving you a front row seat for all garden antics.

Similarly, gardens have always played a vital role going back in time, from the first known gardens in Great Britain by the Romans and the medieval times focusing on growing foods and medicines, to a little further forward to the Tudor gardens where the design focus was to impress, with fashionable estates and grand gardens, which followed through as a common theme throughout history.

2Covet believe your garden should be an extension of your home, even your holiday from home, and what you place in it counts.

Alfresco Dining

There is simply nothing better than when the weather in the UK allows for alfresco dining, we all suddenly want to be sipping wine and enjoying every meal outside. You can effortlessly make your garden the ‘dining room’ with the right garden dining table. Whether it be a romantic addition to an English Country style garden or modern, to the classic garden dining table to really set you apart from the rest.

Striking stone statues and decorative garden features

Why keep your experimental creative flare to just the interiors of your home, exteriors deserve the same amount of thought and love whilst you are creating your perfect spaces.

The garden can be the place you really let your hair down and explore creativity in many ways, exterior design has no limits. Unique cast stone garden statues designed into numerous shapes give a playful element to your landscape, or terracotta pedestals and carved columns may be preferred adding outstanding stylish and a grand element to a garden.


The practical pieces you need for your garden do not have to be dull or uninteresting; beautifully designed cast stone planters on stands and terracotta specialist planting strawberry pots are both elegant and functional.


For the quiet times needed to relax alone, reading a book or simply listening to the birds and reflecting, enjoy your garden space come rain or shine comfortably on our garden benches or chairs from the 19th and 20th century.

Shop our collection of antique garden and architectural pieces to take your outside spaces further.